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How to Collect FREE Bitcoins by Reading Books


How to  Collect FREE Bitcoins  by Reading Books

Yes, I know this may sound crazy, isn’t it, but yes you can actually make easy money by reading books online. Do you know there is a rewarding site that actually pay people money for reading classical story books online. No strings attached, just read books and get money, it is as simple as that. There are  literally thousands  of story books available to read online on the site, there you can claim money just by turning pages of a book once every ten minutes. Continue reading this article to learn more and start making money now!

They don’t pay in cash, PayPal, cheque  or other real money; instead they pay with virtual currencies such as bitcoins. You change your bitcoins into cash after accumulation enough bitcoins. If you don’t know what a bitcoin is, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and a payment system. It is a form of digital currency, created and held electronically. No one controls it. Bitcoins aren’t printed, like dollars or euros – they’re produced by people, and increasingly businesses, running computers all around the world. Bitcoin is regarded as the most valuable currency in the world.

To receive payments from reading books you have to create and own a bitcoin wallet. You can view a Wallet as a bank account where you store all your bitcoin. Use the cryptocurrency wallets which provide secure and fast account verification by Fully-Verified. You can send and received bitcoins from your wallet, just like send and receiving money from your bank account. To create a bitcoin wallet click here

How to Register

To start reading books and making money  you need to register. The registration process is easy(see  image below), and all you have to do is fill in your name, email and your BTC address (bitcoin wallet-) and you are done. Onec you have successfully registered   and logged into your account, you will be presented with a catalogue of books to read.   If you really want to study you can select the  books you like. I normally would just click any book to start earning money/Bitcoinss.


Read a Book to collect FREE Bitcoins and Make Money Now !


Select any book, scroll down till the end of the page and wait for around 10mins to start earning money. After 10min, hit the “Get paid to turn to next page” button to claim the bitcoins.To prevent bots you will be asked to solve the captcha before you can claim . After solving the captcha , you can click on  continue to repeat the process.  The allocated bitcoins(Satoshi- cents)will be credited immediately into your  account.You can repeat this process for all the book and claim Satoshi every 10mins wait time.



Things to note about Payments

  1.  Payments are made directly into your bitcoin wallet and you cannot receive any payment without bitcoin wallet. Click here to create a Bitcoin Wallet
  2. Payments are processed every week
  3. They will send a mail to your mailbox  once your account reaches payout limit. You should click the confirmation link to process your payment.

Don’t waste time start Making money by mere reading Books Now!


Read a Book to collect FREE Bitcoins and Make Money Now !




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